Becoming a Pennycress Grower

Farmers interested in growing Pennycress should understand that this crop is still experimental and much is unknown about optimum agronomic methods for maximum yields. The only commercial market for the crop is with Pennycress Energy Company LLC (PEC)

Interested farmers ideally should have at least 40 acres available for Pennycress production. PEC will provide seed and can arrange for planting on harvested corn fields in September. Growers are responsible for harvest but can expect technical advice on combine set-up and operating procedures. Harvest is expected to take place towards the end of May depending on weather, location and planting date.

Contracts are based on delivered seed on a price per pound basis. Harvested seed must be within the targeted moisture level. PEC is located in central Illinois were most of the Pennycress production is currently taking place but other locations within the mid-west cornbelt are of interest at this time. Locations outside of this region may be considered as well.

For further information, please send an email to: or Call Seth at 650 776 5443

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